Trees and Property Damage

Damage to buildings as a result of tree roots is far less common than many people believe. However, if it does occur the consequences can be serious.

Subsidence is a possibility only if the local soil is shrinkable (some clay soils shrink as they dry out).

Damage to buildings by the physical growth and expansion of roots is rare and only occurs if the tree is very close to the building (within one to two metres).

Damage to lightly loaded structures such as paths, driveways and garden walls is far more common. If a tree is growing close to a fence, for example, it will often push the fence out of alignment. Keep an eye on this as some timely pruning can keep this in check. Providing the tree reduction is not too drastic, if you prune a tree to keep it at a certain size, the roots will generally be kept under control.

If you`re still worried about a tree, give me a call and I`ll take a look at it for you.